Company culture

Pragmatic, innovative, courageous and dedicatory


Pragmatic—we adhere to being realistic and pragmatic, judging th e situation comprehensively and scientifically, seizing opportunities and meeting challenges, overcoming difficulties, and accelerating the pace of development. We make every effort in obtaining recognition, respect and support from the public, customers, employees and peer.


Innovative— we adhere to strengthening the construction and management of enterprise in the spirit of innovation and keeping track with advanced technology in the industry, in order to reach the goal of promoting the efficiency of the entire value chain of the enterprise, customers, suppliers and stakeholders.


Courageous—Through setting up the risk and crisis consciousness, we established the concept that If we do not forge ahead, we will drop, and slow progress equals to retreat, just as a Chinese proverb goes: A boat sailing against the current must forge ahead or it will be driven back. We hope to let everyone want to “strive”, will "strive" and all good at "striving" , so as to form a good situation that is all talents can realize their values and increasingly enhance efficiency.


Dedicatory—we persevere dedication and high sense of responsibility as our working principles. Every one of us sticks to having courage to take the responsibility and risk to set a good. And we have been learning continuously to pursue continuous improvement and excellence, in hope of getting a sustainable development of enterprise.



Dongyang River Industrial Zone, Dongyang City, Zhejiang Province

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