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Zhejiang Jinluo Pump Co., Ltd.The predecessor of Dongyang screw factory, founded in 1975, is a national early screw pump industry enterprise specialized in producing single-screw pump. Company now covers an area of 42,000 square meters, including building area of 13,000 square meters, fixed assets 16 million yuan, 230 employees, including engineers and technical staff of 28, the company has a design led by renowned experts, manufacturing team, including senior engineer, F. Hung Sheng (founder of the National Screw the country single-screw co-design technology leader, in 1978 by the National Science Conference Award, professorial senior engineers, and ministerial-level model) in 1997 drafted a country JB/T8644--1997 "single screw," the industry standard, and in 2000 for the TYG single screw pump of the invention patent.

    Since 1984, continuously been awarded the contract and trustworthy Jinhua units, Jinhua City in 1986 was named as "Star Enterprise", 1988 by Jinhua Premium Products "Golden Dragon Award" in 1993 by the provincial government science and technology third prize, 1994 tem Machinery Plant Technology Progress Award, the Ministry of Machinery in 1995, was recommended as the first batch of 17 energy-saving products. Company in 2000 through ISO9002 quality system certification. 2001 was approved with self import and export rights.

    Company aim: meticulous care, and quality service. Willing to work with domestic and foreign businessmen in a single screw pump manufacturing technology aspects of effective cooperation, we sincerely welcome all customers come, letter calls business negotiations. And is willing to undertake a variety of special forms, specifications, and uses a single screw machine or the rotor, stator and other major components of the design and manufacture. Pan Xin-Qun, general manager, vice president of Pan Jiangge sincerely thank all our customers 35 years of the company's favor and support.


    Part of each unit of more than 20 machine user, one-time order maximum user for Shanghai petrochemical plant factory acrylic, 685 Taiwan dollars / time.

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Jilin Forest Industry Corporation Shenzhen ocean shipping company North China Pharmaceutical starch factory


Dongyang River Industrial Zone, Dongyang City, Zhejiang Province

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