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One of the characteristics of the single screw pump is easy to installation, the installation position can be arbitrary oblique; So what kind of combination installation way?
Screw pump selection, normally, we from the screw pump parts can be need which parameters are obtained.
1: according to the reasonable pump flow range. According to his needs to calculate flow rate, thus according to demand to choose the pump flow.
HongZhenSheng high (the founder of the screw pump, the design technology of single screw pump all over the country, in 1978 won
Of screw pump, the author of this paper is in use in the process of flow, pressure, noise, bearing temperature, wear parts, machine sealing of fault, the causes of failure are analyzed, and correspond
For double screw pump working principle diagram as shown, in fact, single and double three screw pump with name as well as you understand, how many root screw, will be able to
As is shown in,This is simple screw pump structure diagram,This figure is often used to about the working principle of the screw pump.
From the moment into the laboratory, quiet she is deeply in love with this job, so she decided to in this oil mixed with a variety of flavor of glass in the world have done a record. In order to impro
In terms of the structure of the enterprise, the price of screw pump market in China is divided into three gradient: the first gradient is the import of screw pump products. Due to foreign enterprises
Medium is generally not more than 40% of the solid content, such as solid as the powder particles content up to 60% or higher, water coal liquid, etc.

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