Screw pump working principle diagram

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For double screw pump working principle diagram as shown, in fact, single and double three screw pump with name as well as you understand, how many root screw, will be able to

Screw pump working principle diagram


  For double screw pump working principle diagram as shown, in fact, single and double three screw pump with name as well as you understand, how many root screw, will be able to determine what is the screw pump. In order to better understand the working principle of screw pump diagram, we use double screw pump for explanation.
1. The screw pump is the use of screw rotary to absorb liquid. Due to the mutual engagement of each screw and screw and the close coordination of the liner wall, between the inlet and outlet of the pump, can be divided into one or more of the sealed space. With the rotation of the screw and meshing, the sealed space in pump suction side form unceasingly, the liquid from the suction chamber seal in among them, and since the suction chamber along the screw axial continuously goes on to the discharge end, will be closed in the space of the liquid discharge, like a nut in screw rotation being constantly move forward, this is the basic work principle of screw pump. To make an example, when we are in a big bucket of agitation, will form a vortex, form a kind of pressure, separate the material; The same reason.
2. The screw pump working principle is: screw pump, the liquid is sucked into the thread and surrounded by the pump shell after sealed space, when active screw rotation, screw pump seal volume under the extrusion of screw tooth screw pump pressure, and along the axial (to stress in the direction of the space of mobile direction). When the screw is constant speed rotation, the flow of liquid flow is uniform.
a)  Screw pump has simple structure.
b)  Screw pump discharge flow uniformly, and may be changed by the ground drive head size of the pulley, regulating the flow of the rotation of the rotor to adjust discharge.
c)  Screw pump output pressure head is big, no single valve, reason for conveying the viscosity of the liquid, and won't produce air lock phenomenon, suitable for high gas Wells.
d)  The screw pump suction is stronger, because can evenly drainage and imbibition, dissolved gas difficult separation from the crude oil, reduce the influence of gas on pump efficiency.
e)  Screw pump stator is usually made with oil resistant rubber posted on the inner wall of the pipe, it and the rotor seal for flexible surface contact, when the normal production of screw pump, meet the sand on the sealing surface, the sand will oppress the stator side of flexible, together with the rotation of the rotor and the liquid was squeezed in a cavity in the body, therefore, screw pump can be used in sand producing Wells.
f)  Screw pump is not allowed to idle, idle can lead to pump scrap screw pump can transport oil, transportation fuel, conveying various oil and polymer, used for conveying viscous liquid. Transport high viscosity medium:
3.Depending on the size of the pump can transport medium viscosity from cp.
    Medium containing particles or fibers: grain diameter can this 30 mm (no more than the rotor eccentricity). Fibre length can be 350 mm (0.4 quite a bit of rotor pitch). Its content can be up to 40% of the medium cellar general solid if the medium is the fine powder shape, the highest content of 60% or higher can also be sent. Require delivery pressure stability, the intrinsic structure of medium (such as conveying sludge) are not destroyed, choose the single screw pump delivery is most ideal.


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