Zheng Tie xinxiang locomotives quiet shavings: locomotive "blood female doctor"

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From the moment into the laboratory, quiet she is deeply in love with this job, so she decided to in this oil mixed with a variety of flavor of glass in the world have done a record. In order to impro

  From the moment into the laboratory, quiet she is deeply in love with this job, so she decided to in this oil mixed with a variety of flavor of glass in the world have done a record. In order to improve the level of own assay, quiet her modesty to learn from the old comrades, while learning the railroad engineering laboratory work rules, each instrument operation procedures and technical standards. Everything comes to him who waits, in less than a year, she became quiet shift business backbone.
  Chromatographic analysis is applied in recent years, more extensive and complicated operation of a professional testing technology, especially with the machine from combustion to the thorough transformation of the electric locomotive and the chromatographic analysis technology to be the highlight of the laboratory work. For in-depth grasp chromatographic analysis technology, improve the accuracy and practicability of chromatographic analysis, quiet, she has a question in the chromatographic analysis and don't understand the problem of studying, consult, in the end, mastering the chromatographic analysis technique and the judgment method.
    For further in-depth study specialized knowledge, quiet, she also to procure a large amount of chemical theory books, to expand own aspect of knowledge, master basic chemical knowledge and the latest developments in science and technology. In order to improve their practical operation level, as long as there is a chance, quiet, she will take the initiative to sign up for railway administrations business training, study tests the theoretical knowledge and the latest national standards and regulations.
  Post to realize value
  With reform continued to deepen, the railway locomotive test work is also facing a lot of new problems and new test. In order to meet the job requirements, quiet in continuously improve the quality of the ideological and moral qualities and technical business, successively participated in shaoshan type 4, shaoshan 3 b type of locomotive axle box with gear box YongBao research and application of the bearing oil and successfully by poisoned the technological achievements appraisal, appraisal certificate.
    Combined with practical work experience for many years, studying gas chromatographic analysis of electric locomotive transformer and high voltage transformer latent fault diagnosis prediction effect, quiet she has written the locomotive main transformer lead burn out fault judgment method ", "TBY1-25 type voltage transformer primary side lead in burn out fault judgment method", "the four type electric locomotive shaoshan voltage transformer latent fault forecast, such as 11 papers, respectively in the supervision of railway technology, the electric locomotive and the urban rail vehicles, railway rolling stock and other national publications, filled in the electric locomotive high-voltage transformer latent fault diagnosis method of blank.
   To promote saving energy and reducing consumption by green supply, since 2010, the quiet shavings in the team to carry out the "saving energy and reducing consumption ideas" activity. Quiet she found in the laboratory analysis, unqualified compressor oil well using progressing cavity pump can also be used for other relevant brand compressor oil compensating of screw pump, only on the project, in 2013 for the period of the province out of the more than 57000 yuan.
  Condensed team together
  Makes difficult to garland, a put is not alone in the spring. As a master of quiet and she knows that personal ability is limited, to locomotive oil and test the quality of comprehensive security, we must set up the whole team each person's strength, joint efforts, make progress together, can cast a bright scenery.
  Test team took the entire section of repairing locomotive at all levels of various kinds of grease and laboratory analysis of soft water, quiet shavings to strictly implement the self-control type team appraisal standards, promote each position control, mutual control standard, effectively promoted the worker work standardization. In the process of team management, using workers technician to lecture notes, one-on-one packages, effective form, such as helping accelerate worker "accurate data analysis, accurate fault judgment, decisive ShiXiu buckle" the speed of increase pace, by reinforcing worker skills site safety service level of ascension.
  In view of the new office staff, technical team with poor worker, quiet is in command personally shavings, actively teach them the skills, to focus on education, conscientiously do a good job in the "pass, side, belt", effectively improve the overall service quality. In 2010 year's end vocational skills competition, quiet she led to good results of the test team won the fourth respectively.
  In the quiet, she led team members all business excellence, dedication. In 2013, she's quiet test team has found that electric locomotive latent fault 16 pieces, in order to prevent the machine, made great contributions to ensure transportation safety, by the bureau of mechanical department six prizes, bureau of accident prevention reported award 1 times. In day 1, the ordinary work, quiet shavings with diligence declare their loyalty with excellence practice the pursuit of professional, dedicated to explain his infinite feelings toward work.
    Quiet while successively won the bureau of technical experts, "38" model worker, such as advanced individual title of honor, but she did not complacent, more no slack, on the contrary, but more refreshing, positions continue to struggle in silence in her love. (wu ce Fan Weixian)
    The original title: Zheng Tie xinxiang locomotives quiet shavings: locomotive "blood female doctor"
    Gold screw pump industry when see this piece of news that any industry or product, as long as the deepening of the study, will be able to realize value, as quiet shavings in xinxiang locomotives, screw pump and the mechanical application of gold screw pump industry to the screw pump industry. It is the embodiment of the value added in the heart of the target, domestic screw pump will obtain a wide range of applications.


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